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How to Choose Your Rheumatology Fellowship ERAS Program

Selecting the Right ERAS Program for Your Fellowship

The fellowship that you choose will have a huge impact on the future that you are carving out for yourself so you will need to take great care in the selection process to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Your application however is going to be made through ERAS the Electronic Residency Application Service and you will need to ensure that it is spot on if you want to get that place once you have selected it.

eras fellowship programs application help
ERAS is run by the Association of American Medical Colleges and they work with more than 400 teaching hospitals and 145 medical schools. Overall they will help around 30,000 places be filled each year. But every year there are many applicants that will either not get a place or will be taking a place that was not one of their main choices.

How to Select the Right Rheumatology Fellowship for You

Choosing the correct fellowship is a very personal choice and you are going to have to think long and hard about what it is that you really want for your future. Advising someone how to select the right fellowship is not easy as everyone will have different things that they value. However you should look to consider the following:

  • What is it that you really want for your future? Are you more comfortable with:
    • Research?
    • Education?
    • Clinical Work?
  • What rewards do you want for the work that you do? Can it lead to the salary level that you are looking for?
  • Are the skills that you learn there transferable and desirable?
  • Does the program have the required reputation to help you forward your career?
  • Are the specific areas that you want to develop and learn covered?
  • Will you get the support that you want from the right people?

eras fellowship programsYou will then need to assess each program that is available to you and decide which of them will offer you the correct combination of the above requirements. This can be done in a number of ways such as creating a matrix and scoring each program according to how well it meets your needs through to just reading through what is available and selecting those that you think best meet your needs. However this should never be a decision that you rush into. Take your time and select carefully as your whole future could be affected by the decisions that you make.

Where Could You Find a Rheumatology Fellowship?

Once you have uploaded and confirmed all of your application information through MyERAS you will need to confirm that your data is complete. Once you do this you will be able to start to apply to the many programs that are available. You will however need to do your research to make sure that you carefully select the right programs for you. The following are just some of the many programs that offer a rheumatology fellowship through ERAS:

  • University of Alabama Medical Center Program
  • Stanford University Program
  • UCLA Medical Program
  • Mayo Clinic of Medicine (Jacksonville) Program
  • Rush University Medical Center Program
  • University of Minnesota Program
  • Duke University Hospital Program
  • Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Program
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital Program
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation Program

Tailor Your ERAS Application to the Correct Program

When you make your application through ERAS you will be able to tailor your application to ensure that the most appropriate documents are sent to the correct programs. So you are able to write your personal statement to target the program that you specifically want as well as selecting the right LoRs for the position. Always tailor your writing and the documents that you select to give the best chance of being selected.

We Can Help You Get the ERAS Fellowship Programs that You Want

Writing personal statements and tailoring your application is not easy and our professional services are here to help you. We offer specialized help with editing, coaching and writing for your application to your chosen rheumatology fellowship programs. Our experts are all qualified with postgraduate degrees that are relevant to your application. All work provided is done to your specifications with direct contact with our experts. Nothing is copied and everything is always reviewed by a fully qualified proofreader. Through us you get on time delivery and the highest quality help at the best possible price. With everything covered by our money back guarantee there really is no reason not to choose us.

For the best help applying to your ERAS program just contact our experts here today!