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Interesting Stats and Facts about Rheumatologist Career

Do you want to be a rheumatologist? What are the things you need before becoming one? Aside from writing rheumatology fellowship personal statement and completing a four-year bachelor’s program, you also have to take the final exam through the American Board of Internal Medicine. Keep reading for the rest of the information you need to know.


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How to Become a Rheumatologist

  • You need to complete a 4-year bachelor’s program.
  • You need to appear for exams for a state license before you could practice medicine.
  • You need to take a board certification exam from the American board of internal medicine.
  • You need to complete one to two years of supplementary education specific to rheumatology.
  • You need to take a final exam through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Interesting Facts

  • Rheumatologists experienced any large decreases in income by 4%.
  • The median salary is $224,000.
  • The median salary is $500,000 for a gastroenterologist.
  • The demand for rheumatologists is expected to increase by 26 percent.

Tips for a Perfect Personal Statement for Rheumatology

Read and understand the requirements of the specific university you are applying, and look into questions, word limit, among other things that you need to know. See to it that you check the submission deadline, too. Start with brainstorming a topic or the central idea where the essay will evolve. Make your first draft, without thinking of the word count at this point. Just keep writing! Make sure that every sentence in your essay flows and that they are logically presented. Use only one theme, keep a positive tone and have an easy style. Use simple language. Finally, proofread and edit your paper and make the final copy when you’re satisfied. If not, we can always provide you help in writing personal statement for rheumatology fellowship.

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